Montague Stabbers

Sun elf bladesinger who likes bub as much as his blade.


Messy blonde hair crowns this elven warrior’s head, and a neatly-trimmed goatee brings out his hardened features. He takes a swig from a bottle of alcohol before drawing a pair of matched swords. The longer blade begins to shimmer with magic as it suddenly ignites in a haze of green flame.


Male Sun Elf Bladesinger. Member of the Mercykillers.

Hailing from an exalted line of warriors dating all the way back to the time of Myth Drannor, the bladesinger known as ‘Montague Stabbers’ stumbled onto the Outer Planes while exploring that ancient city with his companion, Gabriel Reyes. Together, they joined the Fated, manipulating planar economies to their own benefit, until a trip to Pandemonium landed them in the hands of Queen Mab. Left to rot by Reyes, Stabbers endured the torment of the Unseelie Court for six years, until his captors finally lost interest and released him. Leaving the Fated behind, he joined the Mercykillers, and set out to bring justice to the Planes.

After a failed hunt in the Beastlands, Stabbers met Cornelius at a Vile Hunt encampment, and led the halfling back to Sigil by way of Carceri. Upon his return, he learned that Factol Mallin had died in his absence, and that Alisohn Nilesia had replaced him. He is currently pursuing two contracts: one for an elf named Verden from Qaida of the Dustmen; and a bounty for the cambion, Aesgareth, who is under the protection of Red Shroud in the Abyssal gate-town of Broken Reach.


As an NPC:
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Montague Stabbers

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